One word. Sweeeet.

Falladae cackled happily to himself as he watched the Stablemaster racing out of the trees as fast as his bandy legs could carry him. Although sorely tempted to give chase, Falladae contented himself with making the tree roots lunge for his legs as he disappeared through the foliage. Ivory whickered happily and snuffled Pandora as she lay on his back. Falladae couldn't tell if she was conscious or not, but she seemed to be alright, if a little exhausted.

Sylfael slunk up behind him and nudged his shoulder, looking slightly confused.

"Erm, not to sound clueless, but what the heck was that all about?" he asked, shooting nervous glances at the others.

Falladae laughed and told his friend about the events of the night before, of finding Ivory in the forest and Pandora breaking some of the enchantments. He did, however, refrain from mentioning that Snow had been there. No need to give his friend any more ammuntion for teasing than he already had. However, his usually sarcastic friend did seem genuinely impressed by this latest misadventure.

"So that's how your head healed so fast. I was wondering how you'd done that, didn't think Sister Mathilda's lotions and potions would work that well. Not a bad story Fal, even less so when I can actually see it's true." He paused, shooting his friend a sidelong glance, "But I thought you didn't like unicorns after the Incident last year?"

Falladae snickered, remembering the humiliating accident that had simply become known as the Unicorn Incident the previous year. "Nah," he said, giving Ivory's neck a rub, "This guy isn't so bad. Not like those donkeys they keep back in the stable. The fact that he can talk makes things a lot easier."

Especially when talking to a hot-headed colt like you! Ivory replied jokingly. Falladae glared at the unicorn, but grinned all the same.

"See what I mean," he said to Sylfael, who was gaping at Ivory like he was some sort of alien creature, "He's not so bad."

Scarcely were the words out of his mouth than Ivory gave Falladae a shove which sent him sprawling into the leaflitter. His friends, Ivory included, promptly burst into fits of laughter. Spitting out a mouthful of dirt, Falladae got to his feet and tried to look unphased, although his face was still beet-red.

Famous last words, he thought sardonically.

The End

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