Oh crap. Uh . . .

Ackerly and Ireland ran through the forest toward Pandora's scream.

"Pandora!" Ireland screamed. She ran faster and Ackerly had some trouble catching up.

They reached Falladae, Sylfael, Pandora, Ivory and the stable master. Ackerly saw Falladae with his sword pointed at the Stable Master.

"Uh, what's going on?"

That damn git wants to bridle me! said Ivory, neighing.

"Excuse me sir, is there a problem?"

"That damn unicorn won't let me bridle him," said the stable master stomping his foot.


"Ok, ok. Sir, you do realie this is a real unicorn don't you?"

The stable master stared at Ackerly incredulously. "What?" he gasped.

"Yes, he can speak and that food you gave him earlier didn't agree with him. In fact, you almost killed him," Ackerly always found it easier to speak to adults, and with Ivory telling him what to say in his head, it was easy.

Good job Ackerly, keep going, tell him to leave me alone! yelled Ivory in Ackerly's head.

"And you should know, if you keep him in captivity in those dingy stables, he will die, and you will have the death of a true unicorn on your hands. Now how do you feel about that?" Ackerly stared at the man's eyes.

Oh crap. Uh . .. the stable man thought. Ackerly smiled at his victory.

"Hey, let's just forget ab0ut this alright? Agreed?" the stable master held up his hands in surrender, backing away, "I never saw any of this," Falladae stomped his front foot, lunging his sword at the man. The man yelped and sprinted out of the forest.

Ackerly and the group laughed at the Stable Master running away.

"Good job Falladae," he said, high-fiving him.

The End

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