The Stablemaster glared at Pandora, eyes narrowed and hands balling into fists. Realising what was happeing, Falladae stepped up behind Pandora, eyes flashing.

Don't even try it dung-face, he thought evilly, don't you even try. You mess with her and I'll shove that bridle down your throat. Forcibly.

The Stablemaster shot him a glare, "You stay out of this, this is none of your business, either of you. That unicorn is mine, keep your noses out of this."

Ivory whinnied indignantly, I am not! You lying scumbag, you do not own me!

"He is not yours!" Pandora squeaked, as if reading Ivory's mind, tiny hands forming fists of her own, "Ivory doesn't belong to anyone! I'll bet it was you who put those charms on him to start with! Leave him alone you big ugly dolt!"

The Stablemaster snarled, advancing on Pandora. Falladae raised the practice sword threateningly, cracking the hard wood across his knuckles suggestively.

"I recommend you back off," he said evenly, "If you try and hurt her then you'll have me to answer to. And trust me, I know how to use this thing. Don't make me demonstrate."

The End

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