Stay away from him

Pandora heard the crash in the forest and her eyes went wide. She knew she shouldn't but she ran and found Ivory surrounded by people.

There was the stable master a rope in his hand and Falladae with another boy obviously doing sword practice.

"Get away from him" Pandora shouted angrily. She ran and stood in front of Ivory and the stable master looked at her confused.

"Hey... uh.... little..."

"I'm a Pixie you num nut" Pandora hisses. "Leave Ivory alone. You have no right to touch him you lying no magicer"

Pandora hadn't knwon where the anger had come from but she saw everyones shocked looks at her out burst.

"Look, girly. I just need to take this unicorn back to the stable" the stable master says trying to approach.

"No" Pandora says short and simple.

The End

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