Ivory paced in the forest. His mind went around and around with questions. Well two main questions. The first was what should he do? Go back to the school, stay here or go home. The second and seemingly more bothering to him was why did that pixie, Pandora, keep hugging him? And he couldn’t forget the kiss she gave his nose earlier.

Ivory stopped at the edge of the forest and nibbled on some fallen acorns. He quickly stepped out of view when he saw the Stable Master exit the Unicorn stables. The rope and bridle slung over his shoulder made clear what his intentions were. Ivory watched him from the shadows. He wanted to run back home, but something kept him from doing so.

Ivory shivered. There must still be one last spell on him. The spell the elders had put on him. That spell would take a lot more than luck to shed. It was also the spell that would keep him from transforming. Ivory snorted and ran back into the woods.

“Ho there!” the Stable Master called out. Ivory had been seen.

Damn, Ivory thought. He made a wide circle to come back around to face the Stable Master.

“Hey there beauty,” the man crooned, stepping towards Ivory, “easy now, boy,” he came closer, “that’s a good colt.”

I’m not a colt, Ivory side stepped the man’s attempt to bridle him.

“Just a little training and you’ll be the finest Unicorn. I know just the Lady who’d buy you.”

Ivory snorted. It was bad enough I gave the Pixie a ride. You don’t ride Real Unicorns! Could this man not hear him, he wondered. He side stepped another attempt.

“I’ve got a nice warm stable and lots of yummy food just waiting for you,” the Stable Master persisted.

It was your food that nearly killed me! Ivory reared on his hind legs. The man was at the ready when Ivory came down, but with most of the spells lifted Ivory had the speed to dodge the rope.

Crashing in the woods distracted both of them. They turned to see two boys fighting with wooden swords coming at them. Ivory recognized on of them and the boy he’d healed last night.

Falladae! Ivory yelled out, causing the boys to stop dead in their tracks.

“Who said that!” The boy Ivory didn’t know demanded.

Ivory snorted. I did. He side stepped another bridling attempt.

“Run along boys,” the Stable Master said. “I’ve got this under control, just an escaped Unicorn. I’ll have him back in the stable in no time.” This time he lunched too far and fell, causing the boys to snicker.

I’m a real Unicorn, you lout! Ivory reared again. He was getting annoyed. Falladae tell the man what I did for you last night. Those brainless Horsecorns can’t heal worth a damn.

The End

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