"But I wanna go" Pandora moaned. Ireland sighed and looked at Ackerly who seemed quite confused with the matter.

"Yes, but you want to take Ivory. Their's a whole lot of difference" Ireland explains. Pandora pouts angrily and Ireland can't help but feel slightly touched at the cuteness.

"I have loads on you Ireland don't make me use it" Pandora says.

"Are you blackmailing me?" Ireland says shocked. Pandora nods and pulls out a book and opens it to a page.

What Ireland whispers at night.... Ireland doesn't get any further but she did she the fullness of that page.

"You alot of trouble even though your small" Ireland says.

"So I can bring Ivory and come?" Pandora says happily her eyes sparkling with happiness.

"You can come but unicorns aren't allowed in the cinema" Ireland says.

"That's okay maybe now he's uncursed he can use shapeshifting" Pandora says happily. Then with that she runs off down the hallway. Ireland sighs and turns to Ackerly.

"That went well" he mutters.

"Yeah" she mutters.

"I really want to know what's in that book" Ackerly mutter and Irelands face goes bright red.

The End

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