Where have you been?

"Ireland" Pandora cries throwing herself into the girls arms excaping the onslaught of females crying for luck. Ireland hugs her and looks at Ackerly who now seems slightly down.

"If you put up with this I owe you" she whispers in his ear watching him blush. Ireland kneel down to Pandora's height. "Where have you been?" Ireland asks sounding more like a protective mother than a friend.

"Ivory" Pandora begins twirling in a circle as she sings the name. "He look so cute"

"You like cute things?" Ackerly asks. Pandora turns and looks at him still smiling.

"Yeah, you know that Ireland murmurs you name when she's asleep thats cute" Pandora says smiling. Ireland goes red with embarassment and squels. And Ackerly is just as bad as he messes his hair.

"Come on" Pandora says taking their hands. "We are late for class" she sings it happily but is annoyed when she has to pull the two embarassed love birds down the hallway. 

The End

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