Stupid Job

"Sorry Snow, just doing my job,"

Wow . . . that's a crap job, he heard her think.

"No it's not! I just got stuck with it," he said, Ackerly hated it when someone dissed his job, since it happened almost every morning.

"What?" said Snow, absolutely shocked staring at Ackerly.

"Hm? Oh nothing," Damn! thought Ackerly realizing he'd answered Snow's thoughts. Ackerly put out his hand and Snow thrust the bell back into it before walking away.  "I really need to find someone else to do this," he groaned, shuffling back to his room.

Inside, his roommate was getting ready for school.

"You know everyone hates the bell boy right? Not the person, just because of what he does," asked his roommate.

"Yeah, unfortunately I do. It kind of comes with the job John," Ackerly slipped on his jeans and T-Shirt and grabbed his bag before heading out the door to face yet another day at Mayhem Academy of Magic.

When he came out, he saw Ireland walking down at teh end of the hall. He smiled and his thoughts immediately turned bright as he ran to catch up to her.

The End

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