Unicorn and a Pixie

Pandora snuck out to the forest. Everyone decided it be best if Ivory stayed out in the forest. She had climbed the fence easily but something kept nagging at her.

She felt fragile without Ireland and she knew that now they bothe knew the situation she should stay safe as best as possible.

"Ivory" Pandora whispers. The unicorn comes out of the undergrowth and Pandora smiles. She runs over and hugs him by the neck.

Uh... what is it Pandora? Ivory voice is thick with embarasment and Pandora lets go stepping back.

"I thought you might want company" she says clasping her hands together behind her back.

Well it's nice for you to come. Ivory says nodding. Pandora shuffles her foot along the forest floor then looks behind her hearing the bell. She sighs and looks back at Ivory.

"I need to go" Pandora says. She runs up to him and kisses him lightly on the nose before running of back to the school.

Ivory stares shocked after her.

The End

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