Sh You Bell Boy!

I looked at Falladae suspiciously, then said, "I couldn't sleep, and my roommate was snoring like crazy, then I heard a noise from outside, came to it and saw you." I admitted. He looked at me confused then rolled his eyes and looked away. "I guess seing as you're all alright, I'll be off."

"Okay...bye." he mumbled, ignoring me. 

"Bye...Falladae." with that, I turned around and began to walk back to the girls dorm. "Im healed!" a shout came from Falladae. I turned to see Falladae, the bandage off of his head, a unicorn standing in front of him and Ireland, Ackerly and the pixie all smiling. 

What a weird boy, I don't know why I've got such a liking for him, I thought, tucking my hair behind my ear and opening my bedroom door. My roommate had finally stopped snoring, and going outside had taken my mind off of my nightmare, so finally I was able to sleep.


I awoke to my roommate shaking me, telling me to get up or I would be late for breakfast, the bell boy outside shaking the bell like a milkshake. I groaned and got out of bed, pulling my hair up into a loose pony-tale. I attempted to smooth the straight sticky-out bits that poked out from my hair, but failing, just sighed and got dressed; brushing my teeth and washing my face.

The bell boy still rang the bell, I could swear he had been ringing it forever. I grabbed my bag and walked outside, walking swiftly in front of the bell boy and taking his bell.

"If you'd be so kind could you please stop ringing that darn thing!" I said with a smirk pulling at my the edges of my lips. 


The End

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