The horse is talking to me. The horse is talking to me.

I'm going mad. I'm going completely and utterly batty.

Evidently that bang on the head scrambled me more than I thought.

Falladae gritted his teeth as the unicorn put it's horn against his head, waiting for yet another sharp bolt of pain. Surprisingly, none came. He blinked, confused, and reached a hand up to feel the torn skin of his forehead beneath the bandages.

Still nothing.

Utterly bemused, Falladae pulled the bandages loose and pushed the palm of his hand against his head. It felt good as new, a little tender perhaps, but certainly not the shredded mess it had been before.

The unicorn, Ivory he thought it was, had healed him. He laughed, half hysterical at the feeling, half overjoyed to realise he wasn't going mad after all!

"Did you do that?" he asked, euphoria setting in, "I never knew you could do that! Then again, I never knew you could talk! I'm not crazy, you really can talk!" he stopped and looked at Ivory suspiciously, "And you are a unicorn right? Not just some spooky shapeshifter?"

Ivory whickered and tossed his head, Of course not! I'm as unicorn as they come!

"Right. Sorry." replied Falladae repentantly. He turned to Ireland and the pixie.

"How did you know he could do that?"

The End

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