Lifted Spells?

Really, was the Pixie doing this for him? Did he really have a chance to lift the stupid spells his ‘friends’ had put on him? Ivory closed his eyes and took a bite of the fruit. It’s sweet juices moistened his dry mouth and erased the taste of stomach acid.

Let me be as I should be, oh please, please, please, he thought.

Light pierced his eyelids, growing brighter and brighter until it was gone. Ivory opened his eyes. The pixie and her two human friends where turned away. They slowly turned back toward him now that the light was gone.

Ivory shook his mane out. He certainly felt as though the spells were lifted.

“He doesn’t look any different,” the boy said.

Of course I don’t Ivory neighed at them It wasn’t my appearance they changed.

Ivory shook his whole body out, shedding spell remnants like dust.

“Um,” the girl seemed puzzled, “Did you just talk to us?”

Of course I did! Ivory responded, then gave a happy neigh as he looked at them. You can hear me!

Ivory did a little happy dance; which made him look like he was chasing his tail. He stopped when he saw them all looking at him funny. The Pixie took that opportunity to hug him again. She really seemed to like hugging him. He felt himself blush.

The Stable Master, Ivory suddenly whinnied. I ought to make sure he’s okay.

“I healed him,” the Pixie informed him.

Oh, Ivory thought for a moment, there isn’t anyone else I can try to heal to see if I got all the spells off is there?

“Falladae,” the boy snickered.

Where is he?

“Back by the school I suppose.”

Well lets go! Ivory took off at a trot soon leaving the others behind. He stopped and let them catch up when he realized this. Feeling extremely charitable he offered the Pixie a ride.

“Snow what are you doing out here?” the girl with Ivory exclaimed as they approached another boy and girl.

“Couldn’t sleep, saw there was something going on out here and thought I’d check it out.” She shrugged.

The boy had a bandage on his head, so Ivory presumed it was Falladae. He stood very stiff as Ivory approached him and looked like he wanted to run away. Ivory stepped back.

I can heal you, he told him. The boy still looked ashen.

“Scared of a Unicorn Falladae?” the boy next to Ivory laughed.

“Shut it Ackerly,” he responded.

Well, Ivory thought, at least I’m learning their names. He moved his head to one side to study Falladae.

Really, I won’t hurt you. That’s a nasty wound on your head. I can heal it. Ivory stepped forward again. Falladae tried to step back, but Ackerly and the first girl stopped him.

“Oh, just let him heal you, would you.”

Ivory very, very gently touched Falladae’s forehead with his sharp horn. He concentrated and felt it pulse with energy. It glowed slightly and then the glow faded. Ivory stepped back.

Did it work?

The End

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