Make a wish

A fruit falls and Pandora rolls catching it. She jumps to her feet and runs over to Ivory whose breath is just a hoarse whisper. Ireland kneel behind her grabbing Ackerlys hand for comfort.

Pandora holds the star fruit to the unicorns mouth. They watch waiting and hear Ivory neigh happily. They all sigh and watch him get to his feet.

Pandora jumps up and hugs the unicorns neck. Ireland turns and kisses Ackerly. She pulls back and settles for hugging him since he's seems unable to do much more. Pandora let's go of the unicorn's neck.

"Here" Pandora pulls out another star fruit. Ireland turns to watch and they stare shocked. "Lift the curse" Pandora whispers smiling. 

Ivory looks at her and a tear fall from it. He then leans down and eat the fruit. Pandora steps back and they watch as a blinding light engulf Ivory.

"What's happening?" Ireland whispers

"It may lift his curse if he truely wants it" Pandora whispers. Then they all turn away as the light goes brighter.

The End

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