You Again?

"I guess you got your head fixed then?"

Snow's voice made Falladae jump, but upon recognising her, he just raised an eyebrow. If she wasn't a stalker then why the heck did she appear wherever he went? This was getting rather creepy...

"Uh, yeah," he said, looking up at the stiff bandages on his forehead, "Just some acid type muck and a few bandages and I'm good as new." he winced, "Well, for the most part."

Snow laughed, then looked at him quizically, "What exactly are you doing out here?"

"Well... Basically, the unicorns were making a racket. Ackerly and I went down to investigate and found Ireland and a pixie here already. The pixie said something about helping a unicorn named Ivory and now they've all run off into the woods to look for something. I'm staying here just to keep watch. And not to get my butt hoofed by a unicorn. Done that once, don't want to repeat the experience."

Snow shook her head and gave him a strange look. Falladae snickered, half at himself. Even from where he was standing he sounded like a total fool. Scared of a unicorn, how pathetic! Well, he corrected himself, I'm not scared of the unicorn. Just what it will do to me.

"So," he asked, "What exactly are you doing out here in the dark?"

And please tell me you aren't just following me again...

The End

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