Star fruit

Everyone turned to the loud weezing to see Ivory slowly following. Pandora squeled and ran over helping Ivory to lie down.

"You shouldn't be walking" she whispers. Ivory neighed well, that's what Ireland and Ackerly heard. What Pandora heard was Ivory's out of breathed speeched. I... want to..... come.

Pandora sighs and helps Ivory to his feet or should that be hoofs. Ireland goes and help her then they make there way the last few metre to the centre of the forest.

"There it is" Ackerly says indicating the tree.

"That's Star fruit" Pandora gasps.

"What fruit?" Ireland and Ackerly ask at the same time. Ivory neighs.

"Right, Star fruit is a rare fruit that can grant any wish but they have to, like we need, fall naturally". Ireland and Ackerly watch as Pandora approaches the tree then drops to her knees in a prayer.

"What..." Ireland clamps a hand over Ackerly's mouth and they watch as she begins to glow. Ireland removes her hand. "That luck magic" Ackerly whispers.

The End

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