Why Wake Me Up At Night Only To Be Taken Outside In The FREEZING Cold?

It was silent except for the sounds my body made. Afraid to open my eyes, I relied on my ears, straining harder and harder against the silence. I couldn't hear my room mate, which made no sense. She wouldn't have left me without notice, would she?

I hate laying in silence in the dark, firstly because I hated the dark especially after a bad dream, and secondly, I feel alone without anyone in the room with me. I'm a scaredy cat, don't make fun.

Muffled snoring broke the silence, and I exhaled with exhaustion, she was here. A sound made my head snap up, making me run over to the window and draw the blinds to see the bright white moon, and a group of people my age climbing over a fence. I squinted, straining my eyes. It was Falladae, Ackerly, Ireland and...I strained again, leaning forward until I bumped my head on the glass window.

I gave a silent yowl as my room mate stopped snoring, and turned over so she was facing the wall, then began to snore even louder. I turned to look at her then looked back to the window, now only Falladae stood alone, his arms wrapped around him. I watched his knees wobble constantly. 

Shoving my wellies on and my rain coat, I grabbed a lantern, lighting it and silently tiptoeing through the empty halls; sniggering occasionally at the thought of me being Harry Potter. I got outside, running across the muddy field and jogging up to Falladae. He turned and gasped, then rolled his eyes to find out it was only me.

I laughed. "I guess you got your head cleared up then?"

The End

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