"Oh, Ivory" Pandora whispers. "How can I help you? Unicorns are different to humans" Ivory neighed.

"Fruit... I need fallen fruit" Ivory chokes out. Padora turns to Ireland and Ackerly watching.

"He needs Fallen fruit. It's has to be healthy and nutrally have falled" Pandora says. Ackerly reaches up to scratch his head.

"There's only one fruit tree here and it's right at the centre of the the forest" Ackerly explains. Pandora jumps to her feet and heads in the direction of the forest.

"Pandora" Ireland cries following her.

"Wait, we can't go in there" Ackerly cries following Ireland. Falladae from behind the gate watches them all stumble into the forest. "Oh, no" he coughs.

The End

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