Pandora runs quickly Ireland following her relucktently in to the stables. They stop in front of the past out man. "Ewwww" Pandora squels. She kneels and puts a hand to the wound. Ireland watches amazed as Pandora hand glows for a few secounds.

Pandora removes her hand to show a now healed scar. Ireland stares shocked. "How did you do that?" Ireland shouts.

"It took years of practice" Pandora says jumping to her feet and pulling Ireland out of the paddock. They come to a stop.

"Ackerly" Ireland says shocked. Ackerly points at Falladae.

"His idea to follow you" he shouts. Falladae looks at Ackerly angrily.

"Tell tale" Falladae hisses at him before turning to look at the two girls. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to help Ivory" Pandora whispers.

The End

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