Here Come the Cavalry...

It was the neighing that woke Falladae up that night. He could hear it coming from the unicorn paddocks, not far from his window.

Blasted nags. Can't they let me sleep?

Muttering angrily, he crawled out of bed and slunk over to the door, wincing as the blood rushed to his bandaged head. It still hurt, but the pain was less now.

Outside in the corridoor, he found Ackerly also about to slink off down the hallway. The look on Ackerly's face when he saw the state Falladae had got himself into was just about the funniest thing Falladae himself had ever seen.

Or it would have been, had it not been quite so embarrasing.

"Err, hi." Falladae said lamely, "Bit of a racket down there. Thought I'd go check it out."

Ackerly just gawked. "What the heck did you do to yourself?" he asked, evidently aghast at how he had managed to get into such a mess.

"Chemicals. Glass. Head. Not a good combination." Falladae replied, looking up at the thick bandages on his forehead. The blood was already starting to leave red marks on the white linen.

I look like I've had my brain removed by a zombie. A clumsy zombie.

Ackerly opened his mouth to say something else when they heard the whinnying outside the hall window. Falladae jumped and darted over to the window, peering out. Something was going on down at the unicorn paddocks, and Falladae could see two figures running towards it. One was tiny with white hair and a positively pixie-ish look. The other was Ireland.

"Looks like your girlfriend's got herself into trouble again." said Falladae, gesturing for Ackerly to join him at the window.

Too absorbed even to tell Falladae to shut up, Ackerly's eyes widened at the sight of Ireland chasing the pixie towards the stables. Both boys knew something was going on. And neither suspected it was anything good.

"I'm getting down there," said Falladae, already moving away from the window.

"You can't go down there! You've already caved your head in once, why do it again?" Ackerly gave Falladae a look that clearly told him he thought he was being an idiot. Falladae ignored him.

"Anything is less hazardous than Sister Mathilda scrubbing my forehead with that bleachy gunge she calls medicine. Besides, I'll never sleep with those wretched pintos freaking out." replied Falladae shortly. Ackerly groaned and followed him out of the door as the two bolted down the dark corridoor.

Cue the next catastrophe...

The End

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