Your own little Pixie

Pandora lean't back against the tree. She was out the front of the school. She needed energy and sleep didn't provide pixie's that. It was the sun or the moons rays that gave her energy.

She closed her eyes and sighed. Then a crash sound and she jumped up. The unicorns began to neigh wildly. Pandora felt scared.

"Ireland" she screamed falling to the ground curling up. She began to cry and she heard the doors open. Ireland ran and knelt next to Pandora. "What's wrong?" she said stuttering. Pandora forced herself into Irelands arms.

"We're not aloud out at night and when you weren't in your bed I was so worried" Ireland said sad. "I wonder why I feel so protective of you"

"Cause... I chose you" Pandora choke out.

"What you mean?" Ireland said confused.

"Pixie's can chose a true friend which they provide luck to all the time but request protection in return. We're so fragile you see, when we die we shatter like glass and turn to dust" Pandora explains looking up at her.

"Why me?" Ireland mutters

"Your hearts pure and your in love" Pandora says. Ireland blushed then a unicorn crashes in to the ground next to them. "It's the cursed one" Pandora shouts jumping to her feet.

The End

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