Can't... Eat... Meat...

Ivory tossed his mane as the stable master served up his dinner of oats and barely.

“Now, now, eat up, my good foal.”

Foal? Ivory snorted, I am certainly no foal, just because I’m smaller than the rest…

The stable master patted Ivory’s nose. Annoyingly Ivory liked the attention. They’d all thought he was beautiful today. He’d gotten treats. For that little bit he’d been happy. But now, after the Pixie’s visit, he was feeling melancholy again.

 “Get some good food, and some good rest,” the man said, “Tomorrow, we’ll see how you do with a saddle.”

Ivory snorted. I hope you ask first rather than just throwing it on me. Ivory smelled the food he’d been given.

“That’s a good boy,” the stable master encouraged him, “eat you’re dinner.” He moved on to the next stall to feed the next ‘Unicorn’.

Ivory took a cautious bite. They hadn’t given him any of this stuff before. It didn’t smell right. Suddenly he threw up.

Protein! he whinnied, Animal Protein!

Ivory threw up again and reared, his front paws crashing into the gate. The Stable master came running. Another whack at the door with his sharp hooves and Ivory had it open.

“Whoa where you going?” The stable master exclaimed as Ivory bolted for the door.

You’re trying to kill me! Ivory thought fiercely. He threw up again, unable to help himself. Real Unicorns can’t eat animal protein. It will kill us!

The man caught up to Ivory as he was trying to break down the stable doors. Ivory kicked out his hind leg with just enough force to knock the man out. At least he hoped that was all he did. Unicorn’s aren’t supposed to kill either.

Rearing up one more time Ivory crashed open the gate and ran into the dark, wet paddock. He sailed easily over the fence but had to stop and throw up again. His only hope was to find either that Pixie or Elf and hope they could help him. Ivory could already feel his strength fading.

The End

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