Ireland didn't know what about Pandora made her happy. But obviously knowing that Pandora liked her was a good thing.

Or was it a bad thing that she clung to her like a parasite not wanting to let go. Ackerly had insited in visting Falladae when he heard about the accident but Ireland still had to show Pandora around.

They came to the stables and Pandora for the first time let go of Irelands arm. She ran over and began stroking an Ivory coloured unicorn.

"Aren't you beautiful?" Pandora whispers in its ear. It neighed and Pandora shoke her head. "I'm sorry for your misfourtune" she says before skiping back to Ireland and pulling her away before she could ask what that was about.

And Pandora did make sure she couldn't. Her covidence was growing around Ireland if not around others and she continuely asked questions. They heard the bell ring and knew that they had just used their free period off.

"Hmm, seems we have to go to dinner now" Ireland mutters.

"Is the food good?" Pandora asks smiling up at Ireland.

"If you pick right" Ireland says winking down at her.

The End

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