Officially the Worst Day Ever

Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse. Smack my head into the chemials why don't I? Because that was such an intelligent thing to do.

I swear I must be cursed today.

Falladae winced as the nurse, a large woman named Sister Mathilda, pressed some yellow liquid into his bleeding forehead. It stung horribly and stank like unicorn dung, but Sister Mathilda was adamant that it would help.

"Honestly young man, I swear I see more of you than any other student. If it's not an injury with a practice sword it's an accident on the stairs and if it's neither of those then you've gone and walked smack-bang into another student and hit your head. You're a walking disaster, that's what you are."

Trust me lady, you have no idea how right you are, thought Falladae with a grimace. True he did seem to spend a heck of a  lot of time in the nurses office. But never for anything as embarrasing as this.

And then his day got worse.

"That girl who brought you in," said Sister Mathilda inquiringly, "She seems a nice sort. Do you know her well?"

"Not really," said Falladae, barely supressing the groan that was rising in his throat.

Sister Mathilda tutted, "Well she's not a bad looking thing is she? Lovely eyes if I do say so myself." She gave Falladae a suggestive grin, "I reckon she'd be just your type. Just flex your muscles and give her a smile she'll fall for you in seconds."

Had he been able to, Falladae would have shot himself. Just when he thought this day couldn't get any worse, the nurse started suggesting he flirt with Snow.

This was officially the worst day of his life. Period.

The End

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