Pandora was a handfull. She was small and very annoying. She squeals and hides behind Ireland who sighs.

"Are you sure you okay with her?" Ackerly asks Ireland once again. Ireland looked down at Pandora and couldn't help but smile. Pandora smiled back and hugged Ireland. Now she had time Ireland took a good look at her. She was short and was only her shoulders were just above Irelands hip, her hair was white in a short pixie cut, her eyes were bright gold and all her limb were thin. Ireland patted Pandora's head.

"I sure" she said smiling at Ackerly. She grabbed his hand and felt Pandora step back but still stayed close keeping a tight grip on her other arm. They then began towards their next lesson. Last lesson of the day that is. Ireland sighed with relief at the thought of rest.

Pandora held Irelands arm like a life line and followed her and Ackerly down the hallway. "You know pixie's bring good luck, that's why shes so popular" Ackerly tells Ireland.

"Really?" Ireland says looing down at Pandora. Pandora nods and smiles.

"I bring luck to those who are kind to me" Pandora says her voice like the sound of bells. Ireland looks at bit embarassed then smiles yet again.

The End

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