Oh Dear, What Do We Have Here?

With a confused look at Falladae, who had bumped his head on the table, I gasped. He'd smashed the chemicals with his head.

"Falladae!" I shouted, quickly pulling him up.

"Yes?" he grumbled, I stared at him to see cuts all over his forehead. 

"Oh my-" the table suddenly started melting from the spilt chemicals, and steaming. 

Miss Liver ran over and told me to take him to the nurse. "Can't you get someone else to do it?" I complained. She shook her head with a frown and sent us out. 

Once out of the door and into the silent halls, I whispered to Falladae, "Are you alright?" he nodded dizzily. I groaned, "Sit down, you aren't." 

I gently placed him on a nearby seat outside of a teachers classroom, where he flopped back down like he was asleep. I pushed him up with great effort so he leant against the wall, and examined his forehead which was now severely  bleeding. 

I quickly opened my bag and looked for any item of clothing to dab at it, my unicorn riding t-shirt. Wrapping the white shirt into a ball, I began to dab at his head with it, the clean t-shirt slowly turning red. Picking him up, I made him hold the t-shirt to him, then we walked to the nurses office. At least we'd be out of science.

"Oh dear, what do we have hear?" the nurse complained, walking forward and looking at his head. After a little while of the nurse fidgeting with him, she turned and said, "You can go back to class now." 

"Uh-the teacher said I had to stay with him." I lied. He would really think I was a stalker girl now. With a groan I mumbled, "Don't worry miss, I'll go anyway. Just take good care of him, he's obviously very fragile." I sniggered at his glare and walked out.

The End

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