Paint, with spills

Ireland loved art. Her mother had taught her to paint when she was young and like her mother said she had the 'gift of a artist stroke'.

"Amazing Ireland" the teacher says coming up behind her.

"Thank you, miss" Ireland says. Then splash. Everyone looks round to see a small girl on the floor covered in paint. Her hair should be white if not for the paint, her eyes are golden and her body small.

"It's a pixie" girls begin to scream with happiness. The young pixie is then bombarded with hugs. "Pixie? What's a pixie?" Ireland mutters.

"Your new class mate, now get off her girls" the teacher hisses. The girls get off and return to their work. The teacher walks over and brings her back to Ireland.

"I was told to get you to show her around. Her name is Pandora" the teacher says.

"What?!?!?" Ireland squeals.

The End

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