Further Embarassment

If idiocy were a subject, I'd be the star pupil. "Let's mix some jazz"? Come ON, that is just pathetic!

This day is really starting to stink. Big time.

Cursing himself internally for the third time that day, Falladae started to investigate the chemicals that had been dumped before them on the table. According to the teacher they were supposed to be examining the reaction between Iron Bromide and Sulphur Dioxide and seeing how it was influenced by Hydrochloric Acid.

Falladae had absolutely no idea what any of that scientific mumbo-jumbo meant, so he simply tried to figure out what was what. After several minutes, he gave up and turned to Snow, looking utterly defeated.

"Well, call me a total buffoon but I actually haven't the foggiest what all this stuff means. I don't suppose you're any good at this scientific stuff?" he said, fidgeting in embarassment.

Wow, that was almost as smooth as calling her a stalker. Jees you really aren't very good at this are you?

Shut up, Falladae snapped mentally to himself, I'm doing my best here! It's not as if I'm out to impress her or anything. I just don't want her to hate my guts. So you, irritating little voice in my head, can just pipe down!

Then he stopped and, with an alarmed look from Snow, smacked his head into the table.

Great. First he'd made an utter fool of himself, then he'd earnt the emnity of someone he barely met and on top of that he was acting like a fool.

And now, the cherry on the cake, he was talking to a voice in his head.

Ah hell.

The End

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