Let's Mix Some Jazz!

Why did I do that? Why did I say that to Ireland? Was I being mean or something? Was I-


I looked up to see a tanned hand I had no clue of out for me. I was on the floor and my head was suddenly hurting. Without taking notice of who's hand it was, I took it, letting them pull me up as I began to rub at my head.

There Falladae stood, his hand being half ruffled into his thick hair. I stepped back and looked at him, nodded, then gently pushed past him and walked off. 

He didn't need to apologise. He just needed me to cool off. I'd been being too dramatic anyway. Science was next, wait...he was in my class for science. Oh, crap. He was forced to sit next to me for talking too much with his friend yesterday. 

I gave a groan and fixed my hair, pulling my bag higher onto my shoulder and walking to my stool to see Falladae sitting there. How could he be here already? I shook my head in astonishment and dropped my bag by my table, jumping onto my stool and looking straight at the back board.

"Hello, Snow." he said politely, ignoring the fact that we had an argument. I turned my head, nodded, then looked back. 

I didn't need an apology, and I didn't want one. What I wanted was for him to leave me alone. Well...did I?

"Science huh?" he smiled. "Let's mix some jazz!" he said excitedly as chemicals and potions were placed on our table. Great, well this would be awkward. 

The End

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