Ackerly felt Ireland relax in his arms before she tilted her face and kissed him. Now, he was sighing happily as the single kiss developed into a long one. After a while, the damned bell rang for the next class.

"Really?" said Ackerly, looking up at the clock. Ireland laughed and took his hand, leading him to his next lesson as she wiped her eyes. "Here," Ackerly wrapped his sweater around his hand and wiped the tears from her cheeks. "All better,"

When they got to Latin Class, Ireland kissed him one more time then left to go to the course she'd chosen, art. Ackerly found himself standing at the door, watching as Ireland walked away, her hair swaying opposite her hips. He bit his lip before entering the classroom. He sat at the back of the class and opened his textbook.

During class, his teacher went over some latin verbs, but seeing as Ackerly already knew them all, his entire class his mind was focused on trying to listen while keeping the images of Ireland in his head. He sighed a happy sigh and stared out the window, knowing he had a goofy smile on his face while he daydreamed.

The End

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