Oh, Snow

Ireland walked happily down the hallway with a skip in her step. Then bam. She falls to the floor. "Ouch" Ireland mutters. She looks at Snow opposite her also on the floor. Ireland stand up and offers Snow a hand. Snow takes it and stands up.

"You must have a thing for bumping in to people" Ireland says smiling tilting her head to one side. Snow face looks sad stopping Irelands smile short.

"Oh, Snow are you okay?" Ireland says. Tears begin to stream down Snow's face.

"Your lucky Ireland" Snow hisses. Ireland flinches at the menace. "Your so lucky" Snow shoves past Ireland and storms down the hall. Ireland mouth hangs open hurt on her face. Falladae turns the corner and Irelands turns to him. "Ireland..." Falladae says shocked.

Then Ireland runs off down the hallway. What had she done? Why did Snow hate her?

The End

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