Alright Grumpy!

Shutup you idiot, you know you're overeacting. She thought with a heavy groan, wiping and rubbing at her sore eyes and stumbling into the lunch hall.

Snow walked up towards where everyone was lined up and took a tray, cringing at the brown, sloppy mush a fat dinnerlady had dropped onto her plate. She smiled at her with heavy sarcasm and sat down next to Kipperdrop, her good friend, and fiddled at her food with a fork.

"Snow?" Kipperdrop asked, placing a hand on her slouched back. Snow looked up to her and smiled, failing at pretending to be cheerfull.

"Yes, Kip?" she groaned.

"What's wrong now?" Kipperdrop grumbled.

"Are you implying that i'm always upset or something? Well, it's nothing concerning you so don't worry. And when I say don't worry I mean I don't particuarly want you to know."she looked back down at her food as Kip took her hand off her back.

"Alright grumpy, no need to snap." She scoffed, popping a small bit of bread into her delicate mouth.

"I didn't i'm just..." Snow shook her head and looked over to see Falladae out of the corner of her eye, sitting with Ackerly and Ireland.

How I loath to be Ireland, she's so beautiful and smart. Why can't I just be normal...she thought unhappily.

The End

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