To Kiss, or Not to Kiss

*happy sigh*

Ackerly could sense that Ireland was happy. He heard her sigh as if she were relaxing and happy in her head. He smiled. He hugged her a little tighter, she smelt like flowers, or baby powder.

Who cares, he thought she smells good.

Ackerly could read her thoughts again, and his smile broadened.

Do I kiss him, or just pull away and smile? Do I say thank you? What do I do?!

He felt like laughing. She was stressing, meanwhile the same thoughts flew around his head like butterflies on crack! Ackerly pulled away, smiled and kissed Ireland lightly before taking her hand again and leading her outside, back under the tree.

It was certain. The first kiss hadn't just been a dream, because he was just as light-headed as before. He tried with all his will to stop a goofy smile from spreading across his face. As they went to sit back under the tree, Ireland kicked her food accidentaly. Her stomach rumbled and they both laughed in response.

"Be right back," she said before releasing Ackerly's hand and running back into the cafeteria.

Once again, his hand felt cold.

The End

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