Ireland grabbed her food and turned. There he was watching her sitting on the grass the light shining on him. She smiled and Ackerly did the same. She walked outside and sat next to him. She slowly began on her salad and flicked a glance at Ackerly.

"Umm... Ireland about earlyer?" he mumbeled. Ireland face blushed and she looked up at him.

"Yeah" she choked out.

"Well.... I want to say that I...... liked it..." he mumbled. Ireland smiled and Ackerly blushed.

"Me too" she says her head tilting to the side eyes closed a smile of happyness across her face. Ackerly smiled stood up and offered his hand. Ireland took it and she followed happily. The entered a deserted room and he turned round pulling her into a hug. Bliss, her thourght whispers as she clung to Ackerly t-shirt.

The End

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