An Angel

Ackerly jumped out of the chair when he heard the bell ring. it had shaken him out of his little dream world, and right now he wanted nothing more than to be back in that little world where he replayed his first kiss over, and over, and over. Every time better than the last. He practically floated out of the library.

He felt like singing, no dancing, no both! Wait, thought Ackerly, It's lunch! he walked down the hall with the rest of the student body. Lunch was always crazy, too many people. He quickly grabbed an apple juice and a ham sandwich and headed outside to where he usually ate.

As he munched down on his sandwich, he looked into the school and saw Ireland walk into the cafeteria, her beautiful blond hair glittering like a long veil, or a halo.

Her name should be Angel, he thought, smiling as he drank some more apple juice. She's an Angel named Ireland.

I kissed an Angel.

The End

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