Oh My Gosh!

Oh My Gosh, I did it I actually kissed Ackerly.

Ireland sat down on the grass and smiled. Wait,what if he hadn't liked? She started to fidget. Was I to bold? Oh great. She stood up and ran back to the libary and peeked in. Their he was sat on a chair smiling his head of. A large grin spread across her face and she turned heading towards the girls bathroom.

She locked herself in a cubical and squeled, actually squeled. She sats down on the toilet seat and replayed the story over and over again in her head. One minute she had told him of then. She leant back and just couldn't stop smiling. Her heart was racing and she had no idea what to do?

Should she go back? Or maybe just try talk with him later? She couldn't think so her thourghts tumbled around in confusion. Oh My Gosh. No one ever told you how releaving it felt to kiss a guy you liked then found out he liked you back.

She had tons of guys go after her but never ever found one she cared for and now here she was. She squeled again and got up knowing she couldn't stay here all day. She had classes, although it was lunch time. Her tummy rumbled confirming it and she headed for the cafateria. "Oh My Gosh" she whispered to herself.

The End

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