Ackerly stood in the middle of the library, a weird look on his face. He was smiling, but at the same time his eyes were crossed and his lips looked almost like he was puckering.

Falladae came into the library and found Ackerly standing there, rocking back and forth on his heels, humming a happy little tune.

"Ackerly? Are you alright?" he asked, prodding Ackerly's cheek.

"Frnurgl-ha" said Ackerly, smiling up at Falladae.

"Uh, excuse me?"

"Frnurgl-ha" Ackerly repeated. His mind was off in another dimesion, and quite frankly, he felt over the moon with joy.

"Ackerly? Wake up!" Falladae shook Ackerly's shoulders, jolting him awake.

"Huh?" Ackerly looked at Falladae and smiled "She kissed me," he whispered.

"Ireland?" Ackerly nodded, "Ackerly!" Falladae smiled back before clapping Ackerly on the back. "Nice job. But wait, where's snow,"

Ackerly pointed outside of the library just before Falladae ran towards the doors, yelling thanks. Ackerly walked over to the chair Snow had been in and sat down with a wonderful sigh of joy.

The End

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