Ackerly, you idiot!

Ireland holds Snow as she weeps and looks at Ackerly. His face clearly show that he's bored. "Ackerly, don't you think your could talk to Falladae?" Ireland says glaring at.

He could at least be simpathetic, her thourghts hissed. Ackerly flinches and Ireland turns back to Snow. "It'll be okay, we'll sort it out. Falladae probably regretting he can't be that cold hearted" Ireland says flicking a glance at Ackerly so he would get her meaning.

"Uhh... yeah Falladae probably knows now he's got it wrong.." Ackerly whispers. Snow takes a deep breath and pulls from Ireland.

"I need time alone she whispers and walks off. Ackerly watches until she out of the room. He turns and jumps when he finds Ireland right in front arms crossed and extremely angry.

"Ackerly, your an idoit" Ireland hisses, then turning on her heels she begins to walk out.

"Wait, Ireland" He grabs her wrist and she freezes. "I'm sorry" he whispers. She turns and looks at him. I'm gonna regret this later, Ireland thinks.

Then she kisses Ackerly before running out of the libary.

The End

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