Damn Drama

"Ahem, uh Snow?" asked Ackerly as he followed Ireland into the library. Snow was sitting in one of the chairs in the private section, sobbing.

Why me? I didn't do anything to him! He's so judgemental!

Ah damn! thought Ackerly This is gonna be some serious girl drama,

Ackerly lifted his hand, and ran it through his hair, only noticing when he felt that it got colder that he'd still been holding Ireland's hand from when she'd led him here. He smiled and thought That would've made me extremely happy if I didn't have to deal with this s***, his smile automatically turning into a frown as he stuffed his hand in his pocket to try and resist the warmth of Ireland's hand.

Akcerly then noticed that Ireland was talking to Snow. He guessed that once he'd let go, she'd moved over there while he had been trapped in his thoughts.

"Snow, what's wrong?" he asked, walking over to the two girls. Even though he knew, it was polite to ask and not come right out and say it.

"It's F-Falladae," she mumbled between sobs, "H-he's so judgme-ntal. He thought I was s-s-stalking him!"

Ireland hugged Snow as Ackerly ran his other hand through his hair, again.

This is not what I'd wanted to do this afternoon with Ireland. Damn chick crap.

The End

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