Ireland bursts out laughing and Ackerly smiles. "That joke was terrible" Ireland says out of breath a bit from lauging.

"Still made you laugh though?" Ackerly says pushing her slightly. Ireland trips and Ackerly quickly catches her. Ireland looks up and notice his face is only inches from hers. Ackerlys mouth hangs open in shock. Ireland blinks and pulls herself together. She stands up pushings back her hair. They both stand in the hall avoiding eye contact with each other, their faces red with imbarassment. Ireland opens her mouth to speak, then a girl storms passed them clearly angry.

"Wasn't that Snow the girl from our class?" Ireland asks.

"Yeah, wonder whats up with her?" Ackerly mumbles.

"Wanna finds out" she looks at him smiling, grabs his arm and pulls him down the corridor after Snow.

"Wait, Ireland" Ackerly says now following against his will.

The End

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