Rotten Lie

Sitting completely lost in Geography, I shuffled and fidgeted in my seat, wrapping my legs up onto my chair so I was sitting on them. I think the pale, smart girl next to me thought I was getting on her nerves, but I wasn't particularly bothered by her at the moment.

I was completely lost in thought, and I didn't see the point nor did I have time to learn about the island of 'The Singing Bats' that was halfway across the world. I mean why can't we learn about our own country, then we wouldn't actually have very much to learn about. 

Don't get me wrong, all hands down I do actually enjoy Geography. But when I have this much weight being put on me, and this much bothering my mind...I find it impossible to concentrate. Wondering what's bothering me?

I think Falladae knows I have a crush on him...but I heard him laughing with his friend that I was a 'weird stalker girl', so he blatantly  doesn't like me. 

I occasionally looked over to Ackerly and Ireland smiling and talking, I sighed in jealousy as the bell rang and everyone rushed out of class. I heaved my bag onto me and waited until the shoving crowd were gone, then nodded to Mr. Hobbintoesel and walked out.

Suddenly an arm grabbed mine and pulled me into a nearby empty classroom. I gasped and turned to see Falladae frowning and tapping his foot. Breathing a sigh of relieve I hissed, "Falladae, what is your problem?!" 

"You are my problem." he mumbled.

"What did I do?" 

"You're following me around everywhere. Staring at me like some sort of lost sheep and made me look like a right fool when you were looking through the door in my last lesson. Are you some sort of weird stalker girl? I just want to know why you take such an interest of me! Why were you looking in on my last lesson? And why-" 

"One question at a time Falladae!" I exclaimed in frustration. "I don't follow you around everywhere, in fact I don't follow you at all. The last time I looked at you was right now, and when I bumped into and had to go to nurses office. Just because I look through a door of a lesson, doesn't mean I'm necessarily looking at you. I was looking at the teacher because I thought it was funny. I am no stalker girl, and I take no interest in you. At the moment I just think you're plain rotten." I lied.

"Oh really?" he folded his arms high. I nodded. We both knew I was bluffing. "Well if you don't like me, leave me alone." He hissed. 

"Fine." I glared into his deep eyes and swung the door open, slamming it behind me.

I guess i'm just known as the 'weird stalker girl', I thought with a huff.

The End

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