Troublemakers At the Ready

"Will you stop laughing already! You're acting like a total fool, come on, pull yourself together!" Falladae hissed in Sylfael's ear, teeth gritted with frustration.

Sylfael, however, only clamped his mouth shut and continued to quake next to him. Falladae groaned and rolled his eyes. Typical Sylfael to find anything Ackerly did entertaining. Particularly when it involved the new girl, Ireland.

"Oh come on Fal," snickered Sylfael, punching his friend amicably on the shoulder, "Even you have to admit this is funny. Just look at his face!"

"Another word out of you and I'll fix your face. Leave the poor guy alone, you spend far too much time picking on him as it is!" Falladae tried once again to shut his companion up, but to no avail. Eventually he gave up and sat there, grinding his teeth and drumming his fingers on the desk in an agitated manner as Sylfael chuckled beside him.

Fortunately, the moment the teacher walked into the room, the sniggering stopped. Well, at least the sniggering directed at Ackerly. The geography teacher was a tall, gangly woman who looked rather like the unfortunate love-child of a long-legged bird and a bendy bus. Her long bird-like limbs swung from their joints in utterly ridiculous fashions and her nose stuck out so far as to be almost as long as her spindly, gnarled fingers. Her clothing also added to the birdish allusion, with a long lacy dress with a feathered collar and long yellow-and-black striped stockings that disappeared into pointy black pumps.

The unfortunate teacher also had to suffer with the name Mrs Estridge. Known more commonly to her students as Mrs Ostrich.

Sylfael and Falladae shot each other sideways glances and nodded in unison.

Let the mischief making begin.

The End

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