Damn Feet

Ackerly glanced at the girl sitting beside him and swore silently in his head. It was the weirdo stalkerish girl who fancied Falladae. Wait, thought Ackerly, This could be fun. Ackerly searched the minds of the class, looking for, oh what was her name, Ah! Snow. He looked through but suddenly halted when he heard someone think

"Oh, Ackerly's already got someone sitting beside him. I guess I'll just sit here," he heard the person mentally sigh at the end.

Ackerly turned to see Ireland walking into the classroom, head down, and pulling out a chair at the back. Ackerly automatically smiled, but quickly wiped it off of his face. Before he knew what he was doing, he'd gathered his books and started walking towards the back of the class.


He yelled at his feet to halt, but it was no use. He was now sitting beside Ireland at the back of the class. Oh what have I done now? What do I say, oh damn!

Ireland looked over at him and smiled,

"When did you get here?" she asked.

"Oh, you looked kinda lonely, so I thought I'd join you. Plus, this teacher spits and the front is a horrible place to sit," Ackerly cracked a smile. He was horrible at lying, but he couldn't exactly say Oh, I fancy you and I really wanted to sit beside you, because I know you wanted to sit beside me to!

Ireland giggled then and Ackerly realized he'd made a face as he was thinking. He looked at Ireland, with red cheeks, and smiled again before turning to the head of the class as he heard, or heard the thoughts, of the teacher entering the classroom.

The End

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