Ireland storms towards the bathroom her hair full with mud and hay. She goes straight to the mirror and begins to start pulling out the pieces and look at them with displeasure. Then she pulls out some thing strange and burst out laughing.

Ackerly had tried to calm the horse with some suger cubes and the horse didn't really except the treat. Ireland smiles. Ackerly is a great guy, her thoughts whisper. She sighs and splashes some water in her face.

At least riding was over and a easy lesson was next. Ha, if you thought geography was easy. But Ireland was just happy to know it didn't involve getting thrown off a horse. Three times, that must be the most times some one in an hour can be thrown off a horse.

She turns of her heels and begins towards the classroom. Maybe there was a chance to sit with Ackerly, she thought. She stopped and shook her head blinking a few times. Oh no, I fancy him, her thourghts shocked her. She groans and starts to walk again.

She enters the geography room to see Ackerly sitting next to someone else. So she goes off and finds a spare seat at the front.

The End

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