Is She Looking at Me?

Laughing evilly under his breath, Falladae watched the teacher wrestling fiercely with the heavy textbook now clamped shut on his hand. A couple of students were trying to help him get it off, but it stuck fast.
Falladae made sure of that.

Someone prodded him and he turned to find Sylfael leaning forwards over his desk, grinning like a maniac.

"Hey Fal," he hissed, "Look who's at the door!"

Confused, Falladae turned to see Snow peering in through the classroom window. This time however, she did not catch him looking at her. Falladae blinked confusedly, her again? What was she doing here? Wasn't she riding with the others?

From behind him, Sylfael snickered: "Got yourself an admirer have you? Isn't that the one you ran into this morning?" he laughed evilly, "I think she's stalking you."

"Shut it." replied Falladae, swiping playfully at his friend's shoulder. Honestly, Sylfael really was an awful tease when it came to these situations. This had the potential to be even worse than the unicorn-riding incident.

But none the less, what was Snow doing here? Falladae chewed his lip, confused. He really didn't know what to make of this, he'd never been in this situation before. Not that it bothered him, she probably had a perfectly legitimate reason for not being in class.

But still, why the heck was she watching him?

The End

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