Unicorn troubles

Ackerly gasped as he saw Ireland fall to the ground. He saw a girl rush over to her, and once she was gone he quickly rushed over to Ireland and helped her up. Ireland was still glaring at the Unicorns and other girls. Ackerly shook her hands in his so she'd look at him and said,

"Don't worry, they're not worth your trouble. All plastic and no brains," she giggled which made Ackerly smile.

"I just hate this so much! Riding's stupid,"

"Well m'lady," said Ackerly, bowing slightly, "every princess needs to learn how to ride her unicorn, come and I will teach you,"

Ackerly walked over to the unicorn Ireland had been riding and leaned up into it's ear and whispered words of peace and calm.

"Good boy, now be nice please," the unicorn snorted and Ackerly looked back at the trembling Ireland. "It's ok, just put your foot through here and hoist yourself up,"

Ireland easily hoisted herself up and Ackerly told her she looked like a natural.

"Now, kick the sides very lightly," Ireland kicked too hard and she went flying. Ackerly went running after her and grabbed onto the saddle, eventually grabbing the reins and pulling hard. The unicorn glided to a halt and Ireland sat there, trembling and hugging the animals neck. Ackerly laughed a nervous laugh which was joined by Ireland laughing. The laughed hard as the rain came down, soaking them both to the bone.

The End

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