You Are Handsome Aren't You?

With the heavy sigh from me, I began to watch everyone jump on the horses and trot around in long, continuous circles, the mud occasionally splashing me when the preppy girls went, "Oops!" gah, I hate them so much. They think they're so beautiful and special when really their just stuck up snobs. 

As the rain began to pool into the ground, filling up empty buckets that sat in the unicorn stalls I turned to see the teacher, pulling the reins of an out of control unicorn. I stared wide-eyed and ran over to help her. Ireland suddenly fell on the floor as the unicorn bucked and snorted, trotting off with it's head held high back to the unicorn stalls. I gasped and picked her up.

"Are you alright, Ireland?" I called over the squealing from girls and woosh of the rain. She groaned and rubbed her back.

"I'm fine, don't you worry." She mumbled looking up to see girls staring, she glared at them and they looked away quickly when they caught her gaze. 

Once miss had controlled the new unicorn, she allowed me to go the stables as long as I was very careful and didn't touch them. I didn't exactly obey that rule.

Running in from the rain and smelling the fresh scent of pine and sugar cubes, I gazed up at the new unicorn. Of course he was beautiful, I couldn't deny that. I gently reached up to stroke his main, he hesitated, then snorted and let me do it. I felt his warm, delicate breath on my face and gave a smile.

"You are handsome, aren't you?" I whispered, reaching deep into my coat to find a damp polo mint. I lifted it up in the palm of my hand and he gobbled it down quickly; grinning, I nodded him away and ran outside into the rain and back into the school where I looked through an English classroom door to see Falladae, making a book snap on a teachers fingers.

The End

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