Smug and Dry... and Exceedingly Bored

Falladae sniggered as he watched the Unicorn Riding class through the window of his English class. He sniggered slightly, feeling somewhat smug at the fact that he got to stay dry rather then soak himself on the back of a horned nag.

Not that he had anything against unicorns. They seemed to have something against him. The last one he'd met had given him a sound kicking, as well as flinging him into the muck pile. Sylfael hadn't stopped teasing him for days.

Turning back to the teacher, Falladae let his mind wander as he blabbered on and on about verbs and grammar. What was the point? he asked himself. Who cared if you used a comma or semi-colon? Not Falladae, that was for sure.

As if reading his mind, the teacher turned and snapped at him to pay attention.

"Get you act together Falladae!" he said sharply "Grammar really isn't all that painful you know, it won't bite you!"

Falladae gave him an irritable glare and obediently looked at the blackboard.

For about five minutes. Then he started drifing off again.

As he chewed a stray strand of hair, Falladae's mind began to wander back to the girl he'd met in Math that morning. She seemed shy, and rather awkward if he did say so himself. Ackerly seemed to have found something very amusing about the situation, but then he was a mind-reader. With a bored yawn, Falladae started messing about with the lights on the ceiling, making them flicker and change brightness as the teacher droned on. Growing bored of this, he started making textbooks do strange things. In a moment of boredom-inspired spite, he made one clamp shut on the teacher's hand.

Looks like grammar might bite you after all sir.


The End

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