Rain, rain, go away!

Sitting in this deserted toilet was no fun. I had no idea why I'd done it anyway. Maybe because I do it a lot, even though I hate running or anything sport-related. I sighed and got out of the toilet, looking at myself in the mirror.

I wasn't pretty. I'd never had a boyfriend or anything close apart from my mother kissing me goodnight when I was young. So why am I so drawn to relationships and love in general? It's pathetic! 

Slowly becoming crippled by desolation, I walked out of the toilet and into the empty halls. The mess was now gone, and I could see the cleaner jostling his way threw the corridors. Suddenly the bell rang, and a swarm of children poured through the doors, pushing me in the direction of unicorn riding.

Then, before I even noticed, I was standing outside in the rain, a waterproof jacket on, handing the note to my Unicorn riding teacher. She nodded and ordered me to sit down on the wet grass and watch the giggling, excited girls squealing and petting the 'pretty unicorns'. Then the goths grumbling that they wouldn't dare touch something so colourful. 

Then the new girl Ireland and Ackerly talking and stroking a new unicorn. I guess they were the only normal ones in this area at the moment. I began to pull and tear at the grass, then throwing it back down. The rain hit the top of my hood and my waterproof bag. I sighed.

Rain was nice, but not in this specific environment. And not when your head hurts and a boy you like doesn't like you back. 

The End

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