I don't like riding.

"I surpose" Ireland mutters. She shuffle her bag further up on her shoulder.

"Are you riding?" Ackerly asks.

"Yeah" she sighs dropping her head. "Forced to do it"

"Oh, well..."  Ackelry's voice trails of and Ireland looks at him.

"How was class?" she asks.

"Not bad, you?"

"Brilliant compared to this" she mutters looking back at the horse. She spins on her heels and Ackerly runs after her.

"Um, so you don 't like riding?"

"I hate any physical sport, I make myself look like an idiot" she says sitting down on a bench. She sighs and looks out at the field.

"I don't see what's so interesting about them. I like to learn tales of far places, battels lost and won. Hey, even maths great" she says looking at Ackerly.

"Why don't you skip?" he asks "Go to the welfare office, pretend your sick"

"Did that yesterday" she says shaking her head. "I'm just gonna have to try"

The End

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