Rotten Riding Reversed?

Ackerly heard the bell ring, but decided to pretend he hadn't. When everyone finally started to move, and it was truely evident that the bell had rung, he got up and muttered under his breath.

"Damn," he said.

"Excuse me?" said Falladae beside him.

"Oh nothing, I just have riding next,"

"I thought you liked riding," inquired Falladae.

"I do, I love animals," Ackerly sighed, and looked out the window at the gray-foggy day, "It's just the fact that it's raining. The Unicorns are going to be cold and wet and I'll be coldand wet too,"

"No one will be a happy camper I guess then?" asked Falladae, obdviously covering up a giggle as he pushed open the classroom door and they made their way into the corridor.

"Ha-ha you're sooo funny!" Ackerly rolled his eyes and pushed open the doors to the outer riding arena. The wind blew at his face and as he wiped away his golden-brown hair, he glimpsed Ireland standing out int he rain. "Actually, I think riding might be better than I thought. See you Falladae!" cried Ackerly as he ran across the still dry (thank God!) arena to where Ireland was standing with her back to him. He slowed to a walk as he approached her, and saw that she was looking at the Unicorns. He gulped and said,

"They're beautiful aren't they?" walking up beside her.

The End

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